A Unique Photography Challenge

At the end of last year my photographer friend Amber Allen and I decided that, in addition to our personal Project 365's, we wanted to do a year-long project challenge between the two of us.  We decided on a "scavenger hunt" of sorts.  Each of us contributed 40 ideas, items, or concepts to the master list of 80 things that we each need to find and photograph throughout 2015.  Things like "1920's" and "A Balloon Popping".  

There are rules though to this challenge:
  • Each photo must be an image that you feel is worthy of your own portfolio
  • No photo used may be used anywhere else (such as your 365 or another challenge group)
  • Do what you can to take them outside of your own home (yard okay)
The goal is to see who can find and photograph the most items in the list of 80 by Yule (December 21) 2015.

To add to the fun we each came up with ten additional items for the other to photograph that are intentionally very difficult.  For example, she knows that I have an irrational fear of lizards so she made one of mine "A macro shot of a lizard".  Tramp.  

Projects and challenges like these are wonderful for keeping you going creatively.  

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