Funzos Find A Home

Caleb, being the older of the two boys, is definitely the Alpha when it comes to playtime.  He determines what toys are played with and how the play goes.  "Lochlan, say 'Come here, car!'"  Lochlan, being only two years old, goes along with it amiably for the majority of the time.  Every once in awhile though he gets frustrated by Caleb's rules. 

Yesterday was one of those days.

So rather than let Caleb continue to argue I pulled Lochlan into the living room with a stack of blocks, some old VHS tapes, and some Funzos. 

He seemed a little apprehensive at first.  Understandably since the only interaction he's had with the VHS tapes has been "Don't touch those!" . 


Soon though he dove right in, building a tall house and adding some of Caleb's Angry Birds.  There is nothing more adorable than a little two year old making vroom vroom noises between giggles.

Then tragedy struck.  Stella (the pink Angry Bird) got a little too reckless with her driving and crashed into Funzo Manor.

Funzos and Angry Birds came crashing down, bouncing in all directions with a loud clattering bang.  And what did Lochlan think of this?

I think he was a little excited about it.  So much so that he couldn't be bothered to build the house back up and just kept stacking blocks, sticking Funzos on top, and crashing Stella into them.

After Caleb came in (he'd heard the demolition and came running) he demanded that Lochlan surrender the Angry Birds back to him.  Then Lochlan took off after him, leaving me in a pile of VHS tapes, Funzos, and plastic blocks.

With Lochlan and Caleb gone, the Funzos elected Ptep as their new Overlord.

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