SeaLife Aquarium | 2015

Yesterday my husband and I took the boys to the SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe, Arizona.  They both love it and we haven't been for a long time.

Plus it would be a golden opportunity for me to get the shot of a lion fish for my 2015 photo challenge!

I brought my 35mm lens after doing some research online on shooting in public aquariums.  I'd originally planned to bring my 70-300mm Tamron but the article was right, I'd need the lower aperture capabilities of my 35mm to be able to let in more light so as not to have to crank up my ISO as high.

One thing I realized right off the bat: shooting through curved acrylic is a real pain.  I was SO glad I'd read a few tips and tricks before going or else I'd have ended up with nothing but blurry shots.  As it was I had to delete over 2/3 of the shots I took because of blur.  

One thing that was invaluable:  learn the patterns of the fish and let them come to you.  Chasing fish down in an aquarium where you not only have several thousands of gallons worth of tanks as well as other patrons to not trip over is not easy OR recommended.  If you watch the fish you'll see that most of them swim a pattern around the tank and will make their way back over to you eventually.

And boy was I glad my husband was there.  There's no way I'd have been able to take pictures AND wrangle the boys.  The place was busy and there were kids everywhere.  

But I did manage to get my shot of the lion fish.  And I had to stand on a bench against a cylindrical tank to do it.

Check this bad boy off the list!
It was a lot of fun but definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I think next time I'll bring my 50mm lens and see how that one works.  The 35mm was a bit too wide for the spaces I was able to shimmy into.

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