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For the Songs of Life blog circle this month we were given Randy Newman's You've Got A Friend In Me.  This month our family welcomed a new furry member - Paska - and I was all prepared to do a photo shoot of the boys with him.

But it wasn't in the cards.

As I'm sure is the case with most moms, this song is not foreign to me.  My kids adore Toy Story.  And as a violinist I've played this song more than a few times for them.  Listening to the lyrics though made me realize that for my boys, they are each other's best friend.  

Sure they fight, they pick, they blame each other for messes in ways that only brothers can.  And sisters too (shhhh).  But when one gets a boo boo you can bet that the other is either right there to see if he is okay or running to me to let me know that there's a boo boo that needs attention.

When David and I decided that we wanted kids we both swore up and down that we only wanted one.  We had no desire for more and even verbally assaulted my OB when she knowingly smirked at us when we told her as much.  

We maintained this attitude throughout the entire pregnancy, through the labor (especially through the labor), through the delivery and the time in the hospital.  Even for the first couple of weeks at home.

But then one night at 3am I was sitting on the chair in Caleb's room nursing him, soft music playing in the background and a single nightlight glowing softly in the corner.  I looked down at his little face and thought, "Oh no..."

I knew right then that I wanted him to have a sibling.  My family isn't all that close and I didn't want him growing up alone.  I wanted him to have a little brother or sister to get excited about Yule with, to light candles at Imbolc, to dress up for Samhain. 

When I finally worked up the courage to admit to David that I had changed my mind I was relieved to hear that he had as well but didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to pressure me into anything.  We both had a good laugh at that one.  

And I considered calling my old OB and apologizing.  

Now that Lochlan is a bit older he and Caleb are inseparable.  I love watching them play, listening to the stories that they make up together.  Caleb is always ready to eat the plastic motorcycle that Lochlan pulls from the toy oven and Lochlan is always willing to rocket planes across the kitchen tile for Caleb to whack with a robot.

They sit together in rare quiet moments and read books from memory.  They each have an assigned spot in the living room (by their own choice, not ours) where they sit and watch Adventures In Babysitting on repeat for weeks on end, laughing and whispering when Chris says the terrible effword.

To get a bit literal with the movie I would have to say that Caleb is Woody all over.  A genuinely good hearted kid who gets a bit crazy when someone else gets a lot of attention.  Lochlan is like that Slinky Dog, just chill and ready to go along with whatever.  

And for good measure, David is Mr. Potato Head - a sarcastic butthead.  hehe

Growing up, David and his brother did not get along at all.  I've heard the horror stories.  As adults they've mended fences but that's only recent.  I really, really hope my guys stay the best of friends throughout childhood and into adulthood.  If I want to stress anything to them it's the importance of family.

Besides, as long as I'm alive they are going to get along or else I'll ground them.  I don't care if they are in their thirties with spouses of their own.  


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  1. This is such a sweet post. Love the shots of them goofing around together. What better friend is there than a sibling!?

  2. Those smiles! They obviously adore each other. You captured their feelings beautifully.