Songs of Life : Put Your Records On | Apple Valley Lifestyle Photographer

Each month I participate in a blog circle called Songs of Life, where we use a song as inspiration for documenting our lives through photography.  Corrine Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" was the song for April.

I'm pretty sure that it's a common theme among women - moms in particular:  Wake up before the alarm to the toddler telling you he wet the bed, try to get a thirty minute workout in to the chorus of "Mommy, I need ____", find a sink full of dishes and tumbleweeds of pet hair slowly rolling across the tile floor.  

But we take it all in stride.  We accept it as part of the deal we signed on for.  But there are only so many hours in the day.  And what nearly always falls to the wayside are the things that are solely for you.  Things that don't involve your partner, your children, your work, or your friends.  Things that shaped you as a person before you took on all of these adult responsibilities.  Those things that nurture your soul, your mind, and your body.

 Every once in a great while when I'm able to catch up on all of the housework, homework, work-work, etc and find myself with an hour or two of free time I try to take advantage and do something for myself.  Something that reminds me that I am more than a wife, a mom, a business owner.  I am my own person with my own interests, likes, and dislikes.

There are things that I did before having children that I still enjoy doing even though I don't get to do them at the level I once did.  I used to play violin in two bands, guitar in another, and cello in one other.  Music has always shaped who I am and I can define any point in my life, past or present, with a single song title, band or artist, or simply a lyric.  

As I've gotten older and have taken on the responsibilities that come with having a husband and family I've let my love of playing live take a back burner.  There simply aren't enough hours in the week to allow for four or five hour band practices and two hours of daily solo playing.

But where music has left a hole photography has stepped in to take up the reigns of my creativity.  I speak through my lenses rather than my instruments.  My photos display proudly in my home and in the homes of my friends and clients long after I've gone back to being "Mommy".

But still...there will always be a part of me that loves music and appreciates a true singer/songwriter.


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