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For this month's Songs of Life Blog Circle the chosen song was "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn.  Each month we are given a song from which to interpret a lyric, melody, etc and use it as inspiration to shoot a lifestyle post based on that theme.
I had never heard this song (seems to be a recurring thing for me!  I really need to expand my musical tastes) so this one took a bit to figure out.  Instead of interpreting the entire song I chose to focus on the line: "I played pretend between the trees". 

This sums up my five year old so well.  He is just now getting to the age where he will pretend to be something other than himself.  Last month he was a Ghostbuster, this month a Teen Wolf.  And he's had a long standing alter ego as Bill S. Preston, Esq.

But today I introduced him to the magic of masking tape elf ears.

As if this didn't make me enough of a hero in his eyes I pulled out one of my broken arrows and let him practice his spear throwing.

While I admit our backyard needs some attention the disarray and fallen leaves worked out perfectly for this adventure.

 Unfortunately in his epic travels he uncovered a nest of pincher bugs.  He was excited about it.  

Me...less so.

I'm so glad that he is starting to get excited about make believe, costumes, and fantasy fun.  I think it's almost time to introduce him to "The Neverending Story".   

Be sure to check out the amazing Sharon Spall's interpretation here

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