Songs of Life - Jungle Gym

For this month's Songs of Life Blog Circle the chosen song was "Jungle Gym" by Jack Johnson.  Each month we are given a song from which to interpret a lyric, melody, etc and use it as inspiration to shoot a lifestyle post based on that theme.
When I heard the song that was chosen for this month I just knew it would be the perfect for documenting our day at Phoenix ComiCon.  Caleb and Lochlan got to choose their own costumes and they chose Bill and Ted.  

We spent the last week gathering the materials for their costumes and got them all finished yesterday. This morning they were SO excited to wear them!

Then the bomb dropped.  David's hip was acting up (he must have popped it out of place or slept on it REALLY weird) and he was barely able to make it to the bathroom let alone across the massive Phoenix Convention Center.  

I really did consider taking them by myself but I just kept worrying that one would get lost in the endless crowd.  My other option was to stick them in the double stroller but that wouldn't have been fun for them at all.  

So instead I loaded Bill and Ted into the van and we set off.

Our first stop was the store to pick out a new toy.  They'd been promised a toy at the event and I couldn't take the entire day away from them.  Caleb (Bill) chose a Transformer that he didn't have yet and Lochlan (Ted) picked a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  

After that we drove to my aunt's house so someone could admire their costumes with the appropriate level of enthusiasm.  

*Not pictured - the aunt who hates the camera
While not at all the day we had planned, I think Bill and Ted ended up having a good time.  When they wake up from their naps it will be time to head back out to the slip n slide.

Don't stop now!  Follow the blog circle to the incredibly talented Lucy Sandeen of Lucy Elayne Photography!

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  1. Ha! These photos made me smile.
    I LOVE the Bill and Ted costumes! The Wyld Stallyns hat is my favorite!!
    Party on dudes! :)