4 on 4 | Watch Your Step Edition

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Street photography in Minneapolis

Our move to Minnesota has been wonderful on so many levels.  But one of the best for me has GOT to be meeting Elena.  It's so rare that you meet someone - a total stranger - one time and immediately you just click.  We both share a love for photography that goes so far beyond taking pictures.  And this woman's sense of humor is just fantastic.  Every time we get together I have an amazing time and come home with sore cheeks from laughing so hard.

Yesterday was no exception.
We met downtown at the Stone Arch Bridge and set right out, chatting away and snapping photos.  Once we crossed the bridge things started to get a little sketchy.  First we stopped to take photos of some beautiful lilies.  Then we saw - and I'm not kidding - an albino spider whom we nicknamed the "Albino Fighting Spider" since whenever we pointed our cameras at him he reared up like he was going to attack.  We quickly moved on.

Then Elena led me down a super old wooden staircase with missing steps and low-hanging branches to get below the Stone Arch Bridge.

Minneapolis Bridges

She was in sandals and my klutziness is legendary.  It was so worth it.  Even when we passed a dead fish, a dead bird, and had to walk across a seven inch ledge through bushes filled with bees to get back out.

After all of that guess what happened:

Graffiti in Minneapolis

Yep - we got Rick Rolled by the bridge.  Awesome.

About three miles later we found our way back across the Mississippi (after stopping for drinks at a small pub to cool off and get out of the sun for little while) and decided to try our hand at panning - a technique that has always been difficult for me.

Minneapolis Street Photography
Not too shabby
Finally we made it back to our cars.  All in all we counted six hundred bees, one Albino Fighting Spider, one klutzy move each, about six traffic laws broken, one dead fish, one dead bird, and a flock of fearless ducks who didn't move even when we were three feet from them.

Exactly the kind of adventure you want to have with a new friend.

Be sure to visit Elizabeth Jo of Life as I Know It to follow the circle!


  1. Oh my! What is in the water up there? 😂 And here, I'm pretty much afraid of snakes. I thought that was bad! But, glad you were in good company.

    1. Ohh I saw a snake during an engagement session and screamed like a choir boy!

  2. That sounds like such a fun adventure! Those fighting spiders always freak me out. I don't blame you for moving on. And seriously, awesome panning job, because I've never been able to get even one good one!

  3. Great job on the panning - I have yet to master it. Haha, some of that area can be sketchy, but I love it so. Weirdest thing I saw around there was the police pull a naked man out of the bushes. :)

    1. OMG we didn't see any naked guys though it wouldn't have been much of a shock if we had. I left out the part where we stepped over the prophylactics. O_O

  4. It seems like an exciting photo walk! "And then we moved on." LOL

    So cool that you've already bonded with someone over photography!