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Labor Day weekend marked our annual vacation with my in-laws.  Usually we go in late October but being that we don't live in the desert anymore it was decided that we would move it ahead by a month  and a half to enjoy the gorgeous late summer weather.

Photographers in Minneapolis
Our hotel must have known I was coming...
We visited the Minnesota Zoo straight from the airport since neither of the grandparents had visited it yet.  Since we have a membership we were able to bypass the incredibly long line of Labor Day guests waiting outside.

Photographers in Minneapolis
The response I got when I said "Everyone get together for a picture!"

Twin Cities Photographer
This bear was impressed by Caleb
After that we checked into our hotel and everyone got settled in.  The next day we packed into the rental van and headed to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  I think the only ones impressed were Grandpa Peter and myself.  I was happy with taking photos and he was happy reading about the flora and fauna.  Grandma, my husband, and the boys pretty much tolerated it.

Landscape Arboretum
So pretty...
Minneapolis Photographer
Becoming one with nature

This is how they kept entertained

 On day three we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  I had never been to one (I know, right?!) and for my husband it had been a long time.  The only downfall of this day's adventure was that Grandma and I had both worn sandals and it had RAINED the night before and that morning.  There was wood chips and hay spread everywhere which did a great job of soaking up the water and making it passable.  Except in one place...   Which she and I both stepped in.  

Photographers in Minneapolis
"Mommy look at me!"

Photographers in Minneapolis
I need a set of these at home...
And finally on our last day we packed up and visited the Mall of America.  David and I have taken the kids three times now and we STILL haven't seen all of this place.  I think a fourth trip will have to happen.   

Photographers in Minneapolis
"Did they lose all of their money?"

Mall of America
Caleb was THRILLED to meet Uniqua

Photographers in Minneapolis

And now it's back to the grind.  Senior season is almost over!  Time for families and holiday cards!  Contact me if its time for an updated family portrait!

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