4 on 4 | Get In the Frame Edition

Every month myself and a very talented group of ladies from Clickin Moms get together to create the "4 on 4 Blog Circle" showcasing 4 of our favorite images from the month. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to explore the circle! 


So a common theme running through a lot of online photographer forums this month is "Get in the frame"!  Most photographers (especially mom photographers) have eleventy-billion photos of their kids, their partner, their friends, etc but very, very few of themselves.  So this month I've made it a point to get myself in the frame with my family.

So I dragged my husband and my boys out to a regional park in Lakeville with my tripod and portable soft box (the light was pretty dismal).  Let me tell you...the photographers were out in HOARDS that day!!  There were SO many people taking photos!  Families, seniors, babies.  Everywhere you looked there was another group.  

It.  Was.  Awesome.  I am a 100% advocate of #communityovercompetition when it comes to local photographers.  I even stepped in and offered my bubble machine to another woman who was shooting a family of three and the baby wasn't having it.  A quick look at those bubbles and the baby perked right up.  Stand together, photographers.  We are a lot stronger as allies than as rivals!

Twin Cities Family Photography

Funny Family Pictures

My husband and I are about the least formal people you'll ever meet.  After we got the one "good" family photo we screwed around for another hour or so taking shots like these.  I'm surprised anyone takes us seriously.

Family Pictures in Twin Cities

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