Lensbaby Spark Review

Review of the Lensbaby Spark

One of the least expensive options for delving into the world of Lensbaby lenses, the Spark for Canon and Nikon mounts delivers a surprising result for what you shell out for it.

I bought my Spark in early 2015 after my first Clickin Walk.  I bought it off of Amazon though the price is the same if you buy it direct from Lensbaby at $89.95.  In two days it arrived on my doorstep (thank you Prime!) and I slapped it right on my D7000 and set out.

My first Lensbaby Spark photo.  And the ONLY savable shot from my first time out.
There is DEFINITELY a learning curve with this lens.  It does not autofocus at all.  You adjust it by  actually pushing and pulling the lens itself, adjusting the slice of focus that it offers until your chosen subject is sharp.

Lensbaby Spark Review

Let's get technical:

Lensbaby Spark Specs:
  • 50mm Focal Length
  • Canon/Nikon mounts only
  • Fixed aperture f/5.6
  • Manual Focus Only
  • 13" minimum focus distance*
  • Compatible with full frame AND crop sensor bodies
  • Sweet spot of focus

So what does this lens actually do?  Here are a few shots I've taken with this bad boy:


Lensbaby Spark Review

I won't lie:  there is a pretty steep learning curve with this lens.  Just when you think you have it mastered you upload your images into your computer and you've missed focus on 80% of them.  That said, do I use it for client work?  Sure!  But not exclusively.  I'll use it as an add-on at the end of a session to get come fun and creative shots.  But mostly I use it for personal work.  Quiet, slow objects like flowers, etc shine with this lens in ways you can't plan for.  

The Spark can do some amazing work right out of the box.  There is also another use however:  Stick it on an extension tube and presto!  Lensbaby macro!

So would I recommend this lens?  Absolutely!  It's fun, it's challenging, and it brings out creativity like you wouldn't believe!  At at the price point you really can't go wrong.  Happy Snapping!