4 on 4 | Outdoor Edition

Every month myself and a very talented group of ladies from Clickin Moms get together to create the "4 on 4 Blog Circle" showcasing 4 of our favorite images from the month. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to explore the circle! 

December was full of preparation, travel, celebration, and family.  There's no way I could select just four images of the people involved in these events so for this month's entry I'm going to focus on the settings.

Twin Cities Photographer

We'll start with Grandma and Grandpa's house in Michigan.  I'd never been to the Midwest before we moved nine months ago and I'd never been to Michigan until this trip.  The houses in my in-laws' neighborhood are huge!

Grand Blanc, Michigan

An Arizona girl born and bred I'd had very little opportunity to see water frozen over that didn't come from a GE appliance.  Myself and my youngest son were fascinated by the ponds that were scattered in the neighborhood.

Twin Cities Photographer

The third day of Hanukkah at my brother-in-law's house was very overcast.  We were all sitting around chatting while the boys were playing downstairs.  Suddenly I saw a small beam of light start to grow out the sliding glass door.  I literally shot to my feet, grabbed my camera out of my purse, and stepped outside without a word to anyone.  That little beam of light?  It settled on this shed right outside.  Yes, please.

Twin Cities Photographer

This one was taken on our last day about an hour before we piled in the car for the drive back to Minnesota.  It was incredibly cold and windy but the view wouldn't be ignored.  

While I love shooting people I definitely have a sweet spot for landscapes and settings as well.

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