Clickin Walk 2017

Clickin Walk 2017 started in Minneapolis on Saturday.  We had a pretty big turnout this year and I was super excited for my first opportunity to co-lead a walk!  Elena of Elena Garcia Photography  was my co-leader and being a new transplant to the state I couldn't have done it without her.

The day was beautiful and everyone was in high spirits.  We strolled through the construction that was Nicollet Mall and got some amazing views of the skyscrapers.

We wandered along downtown and stopped by the First Avenue nightclub.  The stars on the wall are a Minneapolis icon and we all stopped to photograph our favorite artists.  I saw this one around the corner and asked the man sitting there, "Am I that behind the times?  Should I recognize P. Nut?"  He laughed and said "No, that's the name of the club owner's dog."

Day two was hard for me.  Just like the previous year I planned to drive to St. Cloud to meet up with the ladies there but I woke up with a vertigo-induced dizzy spell that just wouldn't let off.  Since I had promised Caleb that he could come along and take photos I wasn't about to let him down so I got up, got dressed, packed my gear, and we loaded up the car.  

Because I felt so awful I didn't get a whole lot of images.  A few here and a few there.  But I smiled, I walked, and I tried not to let how awful I was feeling ruin Caleb's time.  

And you know what?  My little guy got some awesome pictures of his own:

His very first selfie.  I absolutely adore this photo
So there ends our 2017 Clickin Walk adventure!  

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