Clickin Walk 2018

This year Jo Davis and I opted to lead the St. Paul, MN Clickin' Walk and selected the Rice Park area to explore.  I'd been down there a few times and love the area.  There are a lot of historic buildings and so many small shops and busy sidewalks.  

We met outside of Dunn Bros Coffee and one of the first things I did was run inside to grab a piping hot cup.  Even though we've lived in Minnesota for two plus years now I'm still not used to the cold.  Our walk boasted a whopping forty-ish degrees and my Arizona was definitely showing.

After a stroll through an antique shop we visited the Landmark Center.  This was a strategically planned stop since we suspected that it would be chilly.  We didn't know it would be so cold and breezy so this worked out well in our favor.  

This building is amazing.  Rounded towers, intricately carved wall panels, dome ceilings.  Seriously, there is a reason that people get married here.  The rooms are full of history, even complete with letters written in the 1930's in display cases for viewing.

Our Landmark tour complete, we braved the city streets again.  Admittedly there may have been more chatting than actual photo taking going on but I've seen the Instagrams - these ladies have shared some amazing images.

After the official walk ended with lunch at Burger Moe's four of us decided to keep the fun going and headed to the Cathedral of Saint Paul.  This is one of my favorite places to photograph.  

And after this pit stop?  Pfft, we STILL weren't done!  We set out on foot and explored the neighborhood nearby.  These are exactly the type of houses I love.  Old Victorians, Colonials, etc.  Each house had its own personality that was almost tangible.  

For day 1 I made the command decision that I was going to only bring my Sony A6000 - a camera that I have been struggling to love - in an attempt to really put it to the test and figure it out.  While I ended up with a lot of images that I adore I really did feel hindered by the limitations of this guy the entire day.  I knew before the walk was half over that I'd be bringing my Nikon to St. Cloud the following morning.

Eventually we headed back to the Cathedral to pick up our vehicles.  None of us could resist stopping one more time for some outdoor shots of the impressive architecture.  

This is the only shot where I felt privileged rather than hindered by the crop sensor.  I was able to zoom in on the Capitol building which sat about a mile or so away.

Day 2 started with the drive to Blaine to pick up Elena so that we could make the trek to St. Cloud together.  It was another overcast and chilly day though not as windy as the day before, thank goodness.  I don't think I could have survived another one of those days.  

I don't know what it is about GPS and St. Cloud but it has never done me right.  Thankfully Elena was able to call Carrie of CBaylessPhotography (my co-lead for the walk even though she did all of the work.  Thank you Carrie!) and we were navigated to the right place.  

We set out to explore the Beaver Island Park and I was immediately stunned by how many people were out fishing.  This guy was actually IN the water.  I couldn't believe it.  I was bundled up in multiple layers and this dude was legit standing in the freezing water.

Carrie had brought both her daughter and the daughter of a friend of hers.  Her friend's daughter and I clicked right away.  We spent the afternoon talking about photography, modeling, and music.  

We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at the Green Mill restaurant where I had the BEST FRIGGEN SALAD I've ever had in my life.  EVER.  And I've had a salad or two.  I even had to text my husband to sing this salad's praises.  

After our meal we decided to keep on exploring.  Carrie knew a route that would take us right by the Mississippi River and we were able to get some amazing shots. 

So that was the 2018 Clickin Walk!  Definitely another FUN year to put in the books.  

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