Clickin' Walk 2019

 Clickin' Walk 2019 started in Red Wing, Minnesota on day one.  Caleb was my buddy for this trip and in the grand tradition of me I opted to challenge myself on the first walk day again.  This time I left my DSLR at home and only brought my Moment lenses and my iPhone.  

Let's just say that I did not get a lot of images that I was happy with.  Two years running, I now know to only go with my favorites.  Not everything has to be a challenge.

Day 2 found us in Excelsior - this time with Lochlan and my D750 in tow.

I gotta admit - I was pretty burnt out by the time the event rolled around this year.  Little did I know the craziness that would grip the world in six month's time.  But that's another story.

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