Author Bio

Hi! I'm Genna (she/her)

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing something creative.  I started writing short stories in second grade when I didn’t like how the books I would read ended.  The OG fanfic right there.  I have kept nearly everything I’ve ever written from Fetus Genna’s works through the angsty middle school years and up to current.

My first art piece was framed and hung in the grand halls of House Roberts when I was in third grade.  It was of a bull that I’d drawn for my grandmother.  My grandmother being the Roberts and grand hall being the one that led past the kitchen and toward the bedrooms.  Prime real estate if ever there was.

I host a chaotic podcast with two of my very best friends during which we take turns bringing a topic round-robin style.  Be careful taking topic ideas from Suthrngrac.  

I have eight ferrets, including an albino who has a long-term injury and spends most of her time with me.  I have pretty severe OCD though the severity of the symptoms ebbs and flows with my environment.  More stress = more symptoms.  So if you see my hands twitching rhythmically or notice that I do things like gestures or facial twitches evenly you can blame it on that.