Clickin' Walk 2019

 Clickin' Walk 2019 started in Red Wing, Minnesota on day one.  Caleb was my buddy for this trip and in the grand tradition of me I opted to challenge myself on the first walk day again.  This time I left my DSLR at home and only brought my Moment lenses and my iPhone.  

Clickin Walk 2018

This year Jo Davis and I opted to lead the St. Paul, MN Clickin' Walk and selected the Rice Park area to explore.  I'd been down there a few times and love the area.  There are a lot of historic buildings and so many small shops and busy sidewalks.  

How I Set Up and Shoot My Self Portraits

But First, Let Me Take A #Selfie

I admit it and I have no maybe a little shame:  I love to take selfies.  Ever since I got my first little point and shoot I would set my camera up on a shelf and model for the imaginary paparazzi.  This from the woman who hates having her picture taken <sigh>.  

A Boy And His Guitar